Release Detangling Brush

Release Detangling Brush

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Our detangling brush may help to reduce the time spent detangling on wash days by more than 50%. 

Our Detangling Hair brush is suitable for all hair types.  Detangling is made easy by simply wetting your hair or adding your favourite conditioner to effortlessly glide through your hair.
-Suitable for all hair types (including kinky and coily)
- Easier & Pain Free wash days
- Flexible Bristles (with optional bar)



1. Wet your hair with water or apply your favourite conditioner. 

2. Section hair into 4 parts and start detangling from the end of your hair, working up to the roots, allowing bristles to work through your hair. 

3. For hair that is extremely tangled, use the brush in a vertical position to remove the difficult knots first (still working from the bottom of the hair), and then begin to use the brush horizontally for pain free and easy detangling. 

4. Enjoy tangle free hair!